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Other Tax Services from ATS

We all hope that filing our various tax forms is going to be the end of our involvement with Revenu Canada and Quebec. Unfortunately that is not always the case. If you acquire new information you may want to make a correction to an income tax form that has already been submitted.

Filing a correction is a simple procedure compared to submitting to an audit, or making a legally sound appeal on a taxation department decision. Bankruptcies create a complex tax situation in the year it filed. These and many other taxation issues should be taken care of by a professional, to ensure the best outcome for you or your company.

ATS should be your first choice for dealing with:

Tax Corrections

, ATS can make sure that the corrections are made. You must make sure you have supporting documentation for each correction or adjustment to your original claim.


Auditing Assistance

ATS can help you to navigate the minefields of an audit. They will prepare your financial records to expedite the process to make it as painless as possible for you and your company.


Tax Appeals

TS can walk you through all the steps and explain the process so that you understand what is being done on your behalf. Having a professional deal with an appeal is always a wise business decision.


Trust and Estate Tax Returns

ATS is able to handle all your estate and trust issues, while keeping you au current as to what is taking place.


Tax Returns for Bankruptcies

Consult ATS on filing your taxes if you find yourself in this situation. We are professionals and can organize your financial records and file the appropriate forms on your behalf in a timely and accurate manner.


Last Year Tax Returns

Let ATS bring all your finances up-to-date. And don’t worry; we do this all the time. You are not alone.


Not seeking expert help is something you may regret, while consulting a professional such as those at ATS is never something you will be sorry about.

I finally know what distinguishes man from the other beasts: financial worries.

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