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Student Income Tax


It is more than likely that any student with a full course load will not be working full time, and by year end they will be hungry for any refund they get from the Canadian and Quebec governments. Even if a student did not have an income during the school year, it is still important to file income tax as tax credits for tuition can be carried forward to future years when there is an income. Students must also account for bursaries they may be granted along with student loans. Parents of students going to school full time may also take advantage of the unused tax credits to help them out while supporting their child’s education. Non-resident and international students who worked while going to school, or who received scholarships and bursaries, must also file federal and provincial income tax. To make sure that the ground work for future tax filings as been set, and that all possible deductions have been applied either to the student’s or the parent’s income tax, speak to an ATS tax specialist. They will make sure that every possible advantage is applied to each tax return. Make sure you have all the necessary documents with you. ATS has supplied a handy list to consult when gathering together all your paperwork.

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