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Canadian and Quebec income tax returns
for non-residents and new immigrants:

As soon as a new immigrant establishes “significant residential ties”, usually on the first day of arrival, the individual is considered a resident of Canada in terms of income tax. New immigrants or non-residents must file taxes regardless of income must file income tax returns if they wish to receive GST/PST credits, Child Tax Benefits, or any other government benefit packages. It is important to seek professional advice as there are certain benefits, such as the “Immigration Trust” that offer excellent tax breaks especially for new Canadian Immigrants. Taking advantage of this provision allows individuals to transfer assets to the trust before entering Canada. The income from the assets that have been transferred are not taxable in Canada for a period of 60 months (5 years). This taxation holiday can speed up the time it takes an immigrant to obtain citizenship.

This is a good example of the complex tax solutions at are available for new immigrants. ATS is able to help you traverse the pitfalls of taxation so you can make informed and intelligent decisions on your financial future. To make your first tax experience less stressful, make sure you bring all the necessary documents with you.

“People are attracted to Canada for many reasons: stable political climate, safety and security, free universal health care, good job opportunities, excellent educational facilities, clean air and a well deserved reputation for quality of life are just some of them. Tax benefits, however, are not usually included on this list. They should be.”

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