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Canadian and Quebec Income Taxes

Death and Taxes were not always the only sure things. In fact, until WWI income tax did not exist. This was a big selling point for immigrants, who were a necessity to populate this vast country. However, the war was a huge drain on both the federal and provincial coffers and a “temporary” income tax was instituted. As we all know, once a tax is in place there is no such thing as temporary. Since that time income taxes at all levels have become a firm part of our financial lives.

Rates charged and allowable deductions vary for individual residents, non –residents, self-employed people, small businesses and corporations.
ATS specializes in all of the
following forms of income taxation:


Personal Income Tax

We get you the biggest tax return possible. We handle both Quebec and Canadian tax returns giving you peace of mind.


Non Resident Income Tax

For those who have immigrated to Canada and have not yet obtained resident status, there are special considerations that must be included in all tax forms. ATS can help.


Self Employed Income Tax

Are you self-employed? The rules often change but ATS keeps up to date.


Rental Income

Rental income comes with its own set of rules and deductions. Make sure you claim every expense that you are eligible for.


Small Business Income Tax

ATS offers full bookkeeping and accounting services, so that you can focus on growing your business.


Corporate Income Tax

Is your business growing quickly? We offer tax strategy, bookkeeping and accounting services to maximize your retained earnings.


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