Don’t allow yourself to be buried alive with paperwork, the efficient and economical path is to have ATS handle your accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes, leaving you free to make more money through your company.

About Us

Who We Are:

Established in 2004, ATS has literally grown up with some of its clients, from university to business owners. The loyalty of these clients was secured by assisting them in building attaining success in their entrepreneurial endeavors. ATS and its qualified team will be able to help your company also by guiding you in establishing policies, procedures, organization and a solid infrastructure for your company. ATS does not just provide standard accounting services; we are concerned with the health of your company from the ground up.

Our Mission:

Most of us would like to have as their main goal in life to establish world peace, and we are no different. But right now that is a dream. The reality is that today we can help you to find peace of mind. By taking a huge weight off your shoulders, you can stop worrying about taxes, financial statements, payrolls, and you can concentrate on doing what you do best: growing your business.

ATS Accounting and Business Consultants are dedicated to meeting our client’s needs in an ethical and professional manner. Our methods of dealing with business and accounting issues are flexible, allowing us to tailor make an individual solution for you and your company, whether on site or off. Our personal touch allows us to create a pleasant environment in which our clients can assess their needs and learn about the solutions we are able to offer.

What Makes Us Different?

We LISTEN. We can’t offer you personalized service if we don’t know and understand your needs.

We are approachable. All our clients are important to us, from individuals to mid-sized corporations. Our services are scalable as your needs change.

We do our job well. We pride ourselves on our ability to varied services to many different industries.

It is not only about the numbers, the people behind the numbers are what really matters. We can assist you in your quest for growth and in the protection of your assets by maximizing your company’s performance. That applies to your business and your personal income, the environment of your company and your lifestyle.

We offer all that at a reasonable cost.

What We Offer:

We value your business and work hard to establish a strong element of trust between ATS and all our customers. Each client is an individual, not just an account number. Our approach is to offer personalized service in a friendly environment where our clients can receive excellent accounting, financial, business, and taxation advice.

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